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Assarel-Medet JSC Mining and Processing Complex is the first, biggest and leading Bulgarian company for open pit mining and copper ores processing. Its activity’s subject is mining and processing of copper and copper-pyrites ores, biochemical copper leaching, repair, exploring and engineering-implementing activity. The company strategic goal is effective production through achieving low prime cost and high quality of a unit of produced metal copper, copper concentrates, concomitant products and services at effective and complex utilization of mineral raw materials, at health-safe and ecologic mining production.

Dundee Precious Metals Bulgaria is a Bulgarian company with subject of activity copper-gold ores mining and processing from the deposit of Chelopech and Krumovgrad. The company develops the copper-gold deposit since 2004.

Dundee Precious Bulgaria CSR policy

Dundee Precious Bulgaria Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability Report Supplement 2019

Lidl Bulgaria started its business in 2010. As of the end of the financial year 2019, the company has 100 stores in 48 settlements and continues purposefully with its systematic and sustainable expansion. Applying the principle of maximum simplicity, high quality, productivity and sustainability, which are the base of Lidl’s business model, Lidl Bulgaria continues to establish itself as a modern discounter, which is close to its customers through convenient locations, optimal value for money and a diverse range of own brands, local products and brand products. Sustainable development is at the heart of Lidl’s business model and is present as a principle in each of our activities. We want to generate profit in a responsible and sustainable way, compatible with our care for the environment and social reality. People in the organization, regardless of their department or level, are aware of their role in the responsible implementation of Lidl’s business model. The strategic importance of this topic for Lidl Bulgaria is expressed in the main areas on the basis of which Lidl’s Responsibility Model was developed. It identifies 4 stages, each of which presents in detail the main areas of impact of our business:

  • resources and agriculture
  • supply chain and processing
  • operations and processes
  • customer and society

Applying this model in all countries in which Lidl operates, we step on solid and consistent base while developing the local strategy for sustainable development of Lidl Bulgaria. We have identified our impacts at every stage of the value chain – from production to supply of our products – and we are committed to minimize the negative impacts of our operations and increase the positive ones. In the context of our business decisions we want to avoid and/or significantly reduce any possible adverse effects or damage to the environment and human well-being. This makes the precautionary principle of the Declaration from Rio de Janeiro on environment and development an integral part of our Corporate management.

Lidl Bulgaria CSR policy

Lidl Bulgaria Sustainable Development Report 2016-2017

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