About the book

Every day is a new beginning. However, there are some special moments in time, so called milestones of history. Reaching our milestone earlier this year, we had the opportunity to stay much longer with ourselves and listen to our own voice – who we are and what we cherish, what do we need or not need any more. To help us in this quiet journey the whole world has stopped. Not on a red light but for an overhaul. This review could easily help us to look for our own values and recognize the people who share them. In addition, we witnessed a wave of innovations and technologies penetrating into our lives in a way we could easily experiment as never before and reimagine our daily rhythm and routine.

Changes happen and they happen very fast. With wide-open hearts and dazzling minds, we look for a new fulcrum to inspire us to rethink our place and purpose. Leaders to guide us through the uncertainty of this vuca world and to follow in the new normal.

United Nations calls the next 10 years a Decade of Action and urges people to generate an unstoppable movement pushing for the required transformations, so we may be able to achieve the best we hope for – sustainable development of the people, planet and prosperity.

This book is our contribution to this journey. We gather the elements of political, economic, social and universal processes of transformation in order to put together the puzzle of a healthier, more regenerative and solidarity society. We unpack some of the most recent leadership theories and dive deep into the characteristics of these extraordinary individuals who have vision, courage and compassion to transform their organizations and communities.

The book is for all high executives who look for self-actualization and are shifting their mindset and practices according to the new context. The book is also for the ones who are still to become leaders and work hard to cultivate these characteristics in their behaviour. It also may be useful for expert in human capital management who form the leaders, like teachers, HR managers, and personal coaches.

But most of all, we dedicate it to the board audiences of people who are looking for a solid base to differentiate the fake actions within the foggy promises, the emptiness in the excessive communication and over exposure, the integrity in the post truth reality. They are looking for the guides to lead them in time to the world they want to live in. This is for all of them for whom the bell rings.